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Usable Insight – Give a Power Thank You

Don’t settle for giving a “thank you” when you can give a POWER THANK YOU? If you want to make the people who are special to you, feel special, try a Power Thank You. It has 3 parts: Part 1: Thank them for something specific…

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The Leadership Scorecard (Grokking Steve Jobs Part II)

The Leadership Scorecard I. Instill Confidence II. Engender Trust III. Gain Commitment to Action The ability of a leader to Instill Confidence, Engender Trust and Gain Commitment may not on the surface seem to be critical to successful and effective leadership until you consider what results their…

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How do you grab people’s attention?

In an attention challenged world, if you don’t grab people’s attention quickly, they’ll tune out 1.  Get “In” = “Whoa!” For any message to a reader, viewer, customer, client or your people to be successful it needs to get in and through to their overloaded and…

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