Mark’s #REALINFLUENCE talk on Leading News MP3 now available here

This is a recording of a talk on Marshall Goldsmith’s teleforum on 30th January.

The mp3 link for this TeleForum is

*If you have trouble hearing the recording or if you are not able to click this link, please copy and paste it into your browser.  Right click on the mp3 link.  Choose the option to save the file and then open the file from your computer.  This will allow your default audio player to play the recording.

During this 60-minute conference call we discussed the points below plus fielded your specific questions.

How has influencing changed over the years?  What no longer works, and what works better?

- People today are more “on edge” and wary of being pushed and manipulated

- Remember that positive influence can last a lifetime, while “pushy” rarely lasts a conversation

The influence “blind spot” in our brains

- We only see from our own perspective, even/especially when our intentions are good

- We all trigger flashbacks in other people that drive/influence their behavior; it’s our choice whether we trigger positive or negative flashbacks

The four key components of being a great influencer

- Go for great outcomes

- Listen past your blind spot

- Engage them in their “there”

- When you’ve done enough, do more

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