Are you looking for a successful sales person? Are you looking for people that close more business? Then let’s get real… and honest.

The elephant in the room of hiring is that the baker’s dozen of qualities companies are looking for but are afraid to admit are people that naturally:

  1. Push
  2. Grab
  3. Manipulate
  4. Automatically up sell
  5. Won’t take “No” for an answer
  6. Keep coming back
  7. Enjoy the “Zero sum” game
  8. Love winning
  9. Enjoy the other person losing
  10. Think “win win” is for sissies
  11. Show no mercy
  12. Go for the jugular
  13. Do anything just this side of illegal and unethical to make a sale

If you think this is being crude and over the top, then answer this question. Would you rather have someone like this on your side or would you rather face such a person?

I rest my case.

Also while many of you will be offended by people with these qualities, more than a few of you have printed up this list as a cheat sheet.

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